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The Kelly Kettle

Hot Drinks The Wild Way

As part of our trips, we carry a Kelly Kettle, a specialist flask where you light a fire in the middle of it. Within a few minutes the water boils, with a subtle yet  special smokey flavour. When ready, all we need to do is add it to your choice of fresh coffee, selection of teas or our world famous hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles.

What could be more idyllic than landing on an island beach, striking up a fire to brew a cuppa and enjoying a refreshing drink overlooking the wild west coast of Scotland? Also, the smoke is a great deterrent to the humble midge.

What you need to bring



At the moment we ask you to provide your own. Your feet will be highly likely to get wet and we recommend a spare set of socks / shoes to change into at the end of our session.  Appropriate footwear includes, welly boots, neoprene wetsuit shoes, water-shoes or old trainers / boots you don’t mind getting wet. For your comfort and safety, open toed footwear or bare foot is not recommended.


Swimwear or synthetic layers. We recommend waterproof trousers. Just as you would wear for a hill-walk.

Top Half:

A waterproof jacket, just as you would wear on the hills.

Synthetic or merino wool layers (no cottons or jeans) to be comfortable to the temperature of the day. It is important to also bring spare warm top layers, just incase you get cold or wet through the day, we will provide you a dry-bag to store these in. There are plenty of options to land during the day to add or remove layers to your comfort.


On our half and full day trips, lunch is not included. Although we do include the option of a hot drink as part of our tour.

Half Day Trips:

Normally we aim to leave and return between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. All you will need are some snacks, if you want them, and a drink.

Full Day Trips:

We recommend a packed lunch and some snacks which can be stored in our buoyancy aids, such as granola bars or chocolates. We provide you a dry-bag to store your lunch safely inside.

A water bottle or flask is also recommended. There is no reliably available clean water in the islands.

Overnight Trips: – See overnight page

All food and drink is included in the package. We do recommend bringing your own water bottle to use while on the water.


Suncream, Sunglasses  and a  Hat

It really can be sunny in Scotland, honestly! Extra care is needed on the water to apply sun protection as the reflection increases exposure. A peak cap is also a wonderful accessory to shield errant paddle spray from your face.

Cameras & Phones

Taking electronic devices onto the water comes with an inherent risk. It is your decision whether you want to take it. We provide dry-bags as part of our tour.


If you are on medication or require medication stops during the day, you must declare this on our booking form. This will in no way affect your booking but  allows our guides to tailor the trip itinerary to include your needs.

A Sense of Adventure

This is also provided as part of the trip…