Explore Corrishalloch Gorge

Britain’s Deepest Box Canyon


£90 Full Day – Availability on Advertised dates Only.

Maximum guide to guest ratio 1:4 ( Maximum group size: 8 persons )



JUNE  10th & 28th

JULY 7th & 19th

AUGUST 4th & 23rd

Bookings also available on tailored dates (Minimum 4 persons)


Corrieshalloch gorge is a 2km long box canyon. A product of historical glacial meltwater, the deep gorge is one of the most spectacular of its kind in Britain. The meltwater followed natural faults in the bedrock during several episodes of glaciation during the Quaternary ice ages, between 2.6 million and 11,500 years ago.

For most, Corrishalloch can be enjoyed via a short walk to a Victorian suspension bridge far above the crashing waterfalls. Now is your chance to explore into the gorge itself! Designated a National Nature Reserve in recognition of the spectacular gorge and the surrounding woodland, the flora and fauna amidst these steep walls is spectacular, some say it feels like ‘Jurassic park’, but don’t worry you won’t have deal with any dinosaurs.


Exploring Corrishalloch gorge requires a moderate level of fitness. The experience is a non-technical walk, however it requires good personal confidence in moving over rough terrain which is uneven, slippery and rocky throughout. To reach the base of the falls requires an optional small step which is approximately 2m in height (Photo above) and several short swims. Our team of instructors will equip you with high quality, specialist canyoneering wet-suits, buoyancy aids and helmets and their knowledge to make sure you are safe and comfortable during our day out.

Each excursion begins at the Corrishalloch carpark above the falls. From here we will take a short walking tour around the canyon to view it from above, learning about the history and nature of the gorge. After this we will shuttle downhill to Braemar square where we will kit up into canyoneering equipment and begin our tour.

The gorge begins with a rocky approach through the lower section of the canyon. Here the vegetation hangs over the walls in a carpet of ferns, beech trees and mosses, the air is filled with the sweet scent of wild garlic. Here our guides will instruct top tips on how to safely navigate the tricky, slippery terrain.

Soon the gorge becomes narrow and the river changes to rocky slabs and pools. We are now entering the real heart of Corrishalloch, which despite it’s gaelic name meaning ‘ugly hollow’ is anything but. It is beautiful and wild.

At the base of the 40m falls of Measach, we have reached our final destination and our turning point. From here we cannot go any further. An optional chance to swim to and under the falls gives a truly immersive experience unlike any other. From here we turn around and return home.

We start at 10am and expect to return around 4pm. Giving ample time to enjoy lunch and hot drinks in a safe position along the canyon journey.


WETSUITS: We provide two piece specialist canyoneering wetsuits to ensure maximum comfort during your trip. Our 3mm long johns are comfortable to walk and move in, while our 5mm Seland canyoneering jackets are sure to keep you toasty warm all day.

PPE: We provide buoyancy aids and helmets for our canyoneering activities to keep you safe and comfortable.

HOT DRINKS: The best way to warm up is with a warm drink. Our guides carry flasks with teas and warm sweet drinks to warm up along the way.


STURDY FOOTWEAR YOU DON’T MIND GETTING WET: Walking boots or neoprene shoes with a stiff rubber sole. Footwear with good ankle support is essential, they will get wet.

UNDER-LAYERS: Whilst you can wear our canyoneering equipment in your underwear, we highly recommend some thin thermal layers to wear underneath. This will reduce chaffing and add comfort.

SPARE WARM LAYERS: Just incase you get cold, we recommend some spare warm layers. We can provide dry-bags to keep them dry during carrying. Do not bring down or cottons. Synthetic fleece or merino work well.  Some  may like to bring gloves, these too will get wet.

LUNCH: Lunch is not provided during our trips, however we do offer warm drinks. There are plenty of opportunities to pause and eat/snack along the way.

CAMERA: It’s pretty darn awesome in there! If you want to take a camera be aware it will need to be waterproof of kept in a dry bag throughout the trip.

RUCKSACK: Your rucksack will probably get wet. We can equip you with dry-bags to keep the contents dry.