Sea Kayak Meeting Points

Our launch points to your adventure

Please find below our frequently used meeting points.

Usually, we will contact you within 24 hours of your planned adventure with us to confirm the most suitable location. We reserve the ability to tailor our start points to the most appropriate venue for the weather conditions and our group ability. As always your safety is our highest priority.

Of course, this does not mean these are the only locations we visit. We offer trips virtually anywhere in Scotland and would be delighted to discuss any option you may have to make your dreams and adventures possible.

Old Dornie Harbour

Launch Point 1

Old Dornie is a wonderfully sheltered harbour frequented with seals. It is a perfect jumping off point to explore Isle Ristol and the Summer Isles.

We tend to park in the main bay before the first of two slip-ways. You wont miss us.

Badentarbat Bay

Launch Point 2

When the weather allows we like to meet on the wide open shores of Badentarbat beach. Looking out to Tanera Mor Island, this is the perfect point to set out into the Summer Isles for a days exploring or multi-night adventure.

A right turn on the junction opposite the public toilets just before Achiltibuie brings you to the beach, which will be directly in-front of you, it’s impossible to miss.

“The Wee Pier” Ullapool

Launch Point 3

As it is known locally, “The Wee Pier” is the small slipway adjacent to Ullapool harbour. It is directly opposite Ullapool’s only petrol station, which you will pass on the A835 when arriving into the village coming from the south.

Parking options at the slipway are reserved for those who are launching / landing craft there. If arriving in your own vehicle, we recommend parking at the large public car-park directly adjacent to the Tesco Supermarket’s carpark in the town centre, it is a five minute walk from the slipway.

Ardmair Beach

Launch Point 4

Ardmair Beach is a wide open bay four miles north of Ullapool. It is approximately a 5 minute drive north of the village on the A835.

Our launch site here is directly beside the Ardmair Campsite, an excellent and scenic camp option.

There is normally parking available at the roadside at the head of the beach.

Culkien Drumbeag

Launch Point 5

Caution! Do not confuse Culkein Drumbeag with Culkein Stoer, which is five miles south and tends to be the result of typing ‘Culkein’ into google maps.

Culkein Drumbeag is a few miles west of Drumbeag, on a spectacular and winding coastal road. Arriving here can be done either by going north from Lochinver or south from Kylesku. The Lochinver route is slightly faster if coming from Achiltibuie via the direct Lochinver road, whereas the Kylesku entrance is the faster option from Ullapool. Time wise, the journey takes approximately an hour and a half,  with 45 minutes from to the Drumbeag / Lochinver junction, and approximately a further 45 minutes to navigate the single track road.

The final mile turns onto a steeply descending single track, the junction of which  is signposted “Culkein Drumbeag”, although can be easily missed. At the end of the road after a steep descent you arrive at two large white posts. While this appears to be a private home entrance, don’t worry it is the public pier and we will be waiting right around the corner.

This road is not advisable in motorhomes, it is a narrow, winding single-track with exceptionally steep hills. Please follow guidance for responsible driving on single track roads.

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